Ranveer Singh storms the internet with Gucci Photoshoot and memes

Ranveer Singh slaying the new Gucci look 

Ranveer Singh, popular for his work but more for his out of the box dressing has left us all spellbound with yet another photo shoot and collaboration with Gucci. The big fashion brand has definitely walked the extra mile to dress Ranveer for this one. Flaunting his incomparable look and guts to pull something off that is so out there has left everyone stunned yet again. Although the same has come with a bunch of memes following him we guess it’s hard to bother when you are looking that stunning.

The gold neckpiece and stunning blue winning hearts 

The actor has been seen rocking a super stunning ocean blue tracksuit with a gold necklace. And to top it off he left everyone amazed by pulling off the luxury brands mustard yellow monogrammed socks and glamorous sunglasses. What makes the look more unforgettable is the long tresses that give an edge to the complete look.

The stunning look seems hillarious to many 

As fashionable and desirable as this look was for his shoot with Gucci on Wednesday, a trail of memes came along to make the little post more catchy. Ranveer has forever been comfortable with a dressing that takes everyone aback and so does not let any shot at making the thing look less cool. Although a number of hilarious jokes came across us all.


The already bold and eye-catching look taking breaths away from many fashion designers and followers was hyped more when the actor added a beige monogrammed trench coat, a red hat and a super stunning and luxurious black Jackie 1961 purse which was flaunted by the brand Gucci during a recent campaign.

While the second look and photogenic Ranveer looks epic in the two looks the memers found their way to joke around with the looks. Twitter has found to be completely spammed with memes some of which are right below.

The stunning look might have given birth to a hilarious meme fest but the bold look has caught the eyes of many admirers. Who knows what Ranveer is upto next but this was definitely a heart throbber.

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