Ranveer Singh the New Jared Leto- Check Out These Pictures !

Ranveer Singh and fashion. Two words one meaning – ultimate style and shocking chic vibes. Actor Ranveer Singh is recently in the news for his new collaboration with Bear Grylls. However, that is not what is making the star, the talk of the town now.

The star’s quintessential style is always challenging norms and fashionista’s in the industry. His style is far from common place. Accessories, prints, embroidery and the works. From his wedding party to everyday casual ensembles, the star aims to shook and woke us all. However, his new style is certainly turning heads.

The star took to instagram to show off his new looks and we can’t help by wonder how he manages to change his appearance. In the pictures, the star takes on a startling resemblance to the American star Jared Leto. Seeing the close resemblance other stars in the industry began to share their awe.  Some even calling him, ” Veer Leto”.


The star is seen wearing a Gucci ensemble in blue with large accessories that bring in the vibe of jazzy more than ever. His dark shades pulls the look together to create one stunning personality shining straight through. Finally, the picture caption reads, ” Alessandro, my beloved @gucci @alessandro_michele #GucciBeloved #GucciJackie1961.”

A winner combo we say !

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