Rapper Raftaar Turns Out To Be The First Indian Artist To Welcome Cryptocurrency As His Performance Fee



Cryptocurrency has taken the digital cash mode to an ultimate level. It is a solid and modern secured mode of transaction, making counterfeit impossible. Raftaar has always supported blockchain technology, and when seeing the opportunity to put his hands on cryptocurrency, Raftaar grabbed it.

The Indian rapper, music composer and producer, Raftaar becomes the first artist who made a considerable change by accepting cryptocurrency as his performance fee.

Raftaar accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment in his virtual performance in Canada. Raftaar’s long time business partner Ankit Khanna guides him in planning and managing his work. The 60-minute event is for a boutique in Canada, Ottawa, for an exclusive gathering of 100 people. The event has been organised for the second week of July.

Ankit Khanna


Raftaar’s manager Ankit Khanna has been an influential person when it comes to dealing in cryptocurrency.

Ankit Khanna remarked, “In my opinion, music will be one of the first industries to be entirely and thoroughly disrupted through blockchain. The artiste can now go directly to the people in every single way without the need for mediators. Blockchain has the potential to expedite a seamless experience for anyone involved with generating or interacting with music.

“It’s amazing to welcome the upcoming digital transaction process by the new generation. Raftaar has always encouraged the upcoming generation and becoming a voice for them,” Ankit shared.

Rapper Raftaar

Meanwhile, Raftaar’s new song in Vidya Balan’s film Sherni has become the new anthem celebrating women power. Akasa and Raftaar sing the song.The song features Vidya Balan and four mighty real ‘shernis’ – Mira Erda, Natasha Noel, Eshna Kutty and Trinetra Haldar Ghummaraju. Sherni is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from June 18.

Rapper Raftaar has become the vocal for the new generation, and we hope to see more of him in the future.

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