Social media, especially Twitter has become a publicity arena for many Indian celebrities. Former and current celebs including retired cricketers, ageing film stars and singers are evidently trying too hard to seek attention by stirring controversy after other. We all remember the infamous twitter episodes of Sonu Nigam and Abhijeet Bhattacharya that landed them into controversy and media coverage pit! Not just these two, of late many stars have politicised and polarised non-issues, unnecessarily and intentionally to get instant fame and publicity.

And the latest entry to this list is 90’s actress Raveena Tandon. Bygone actress Raveena used women-wear ‘Sari’ as the object to create a Twitter-storm and gave the regal and humble women wear a ‘Hindutva’ spin. Basically, she posted an adorable picture of her donning a peach and grey coloured sari. She looked gorgeous as ever. But the caption that she wrote spoiled it all. “A sareee day … will I be termed communal,Sanghi,bhakt,hindutva icon?if I say I love wearing the saree and I think it’s the most elegant.”

Well, okay, in the times almost any ethnic practice labels you of being a ‘Sanghi’ but come on, including ‘Sari’ in this is surely not pleasant. Twitterati wasn’t pleased with it at all and presented a massive backlash at the former actress’s thinking.

Here are a few public reactions!

However, after being immensely trolled, Raveena Tandon posted a series of 3 tweets to apologise and said that her sarcasm was misconstrued. “True. My this saree comment came keeping that trolling in mind. Was never intended to hurt anyone,” she said. She made it clear that her intention wasn’t to communalise sari and wrote, “Saree is a beautiful Elegant Indian Garment.My Tweet was NOT to communalise Saree.Was my fear of being trolled to say I love anything Indian.”

Well, you better not try too hard next time, Raveena.

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