Reading Makes Man And Woman Complete; Underrated Benefits Of Reading

Ever heard Sir Francis Bacon’s popular saying that ‘Reading maketh a full man’? Not only man, but reading makes a woman a complete human too. This implies that by reading, anyone can acquire knowledge on any topic they wish to. Specifically, the vast world of literature can take people to a different world. It enables one to think, view, and mystically reflect on things. It nurtures imagination and enriches benevolence to oneself, nature and others.

As we have been hearing from a very young age, reading can transform our thoughts just like a film, journey, or incident. It can ride you through clouds of fantasies, skies of dreams and land you on a terrain of bitter realities. Sometimes a book helps us to look at things from the writer’s perspective. Sometimes we are left with what to feel and perceive. Let’s learn what makes reading highly beneficial. Here is how reading makes you a better human, READ ON.

Boosts brain

Neuroscientists suggest that reading activates brain cells and alters certain areas of the brain. It enhances our cognitive intelligence by rewiring areas responsible for spoken language and vision. These changes are not permanent instead keep changing constantly with reading and not reading. A report by Emory University in 2013 showed that reading novels like Robert Harris’ 2003 novel Pompeii changed brain areas within a few days in a notable manner.

Stimulate senses

Neuroimage, a 2006 study revealed that descriptive words are capable to stimulate senses. Haven’t you felt like having a bar of chocolate when you read about cocoa? The same happens with descriptions. They stimulate the senses. Thus reading evokes in you olfactory, gustatory, tactile senses. If the written material is in sensory language, “The brain, it seems, does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it in real life; in each case, the same neurological regions are stimulated” referring to this study, Annie Murphy Paul at The New York Times once wrote. 

Improves Empathy

Can you believe that reading a book has enough power to develop empathy and compassion in us? If not, you should. It improves the “theory of the mind” which implies that a book will help us think from other’s point of view (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy). This grows emotional intelligence. Reading helps one to detach from self and quickly switch to look at things from a third person’s perspective.

Resistance to mental disorders

A scientific study by Carnegie Mellon showed that 100 hours of intensive reading bettered children’s reading skills and enhanced the quality of compromised white matter to normal levels. On basis of the aforesaid finding, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Thomas Insel stated that reading can even be used as a new method to tackle mental disorders.

Different Effects

Different books have different purposes and different effects on different minds. An experiment conducted in1000 participants by Psychologists Emanuele Casta and David Comer Kidd proved the fact. The participants were randomly given an excerpt to read from either fiction or other genres. And it also displayed that those who read fiction excerpts showed higher brain activity than those who read other genres.

These are some of the advantages of reading. Let’s make better use of the free time we get. Let’s read and become the best versions of ourselves. Happy reading!

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