The First Indian Actor Creates History in Latin American Movie Industry

This is the story of a real-life hero who came to Costa Rica when there wasn’t even an embassy of Costa Rica in India. He established himself by opening his chain of Indian clothing stores. My first question to him was “why was he so interested in becoming a hero?”  He laughed and said, it has been his dream since early childhood and he had never given up on it.  With a tinge of sorrow he let on that he always wanted to work in the Bollywood film industry but couldn’t get a break. This led to a lot of strife and struggle in India.

So, then how did you end up in Costa Rica?  He responded with a smile “Fate!” Being passionate about Bollywood movies he used to buy Bollywood commercial movies from all his savings for Costa Rican and Central American theatres. But his passion made him broke; nevertheless, his passion was still burning strong in his soul.

So, did this break your spirit and leave you feeling dejected or feel like a defeated person? No, never, he replied! The word defeat is not in my dictionary of life! So, he embarked on a new journey – making his own movie. In 2009 he tried to make a movie with some directors from India. But this led to more heartbreak. Financial constraints doomed this venture. “So what were your pillar of strength in those tough times?” I asked. He truly believes that his mother’s blessings saved him and gave him the strength to survive. He got back on his feet by promoting and hosting one of the biggest American monster truck with FMX night shows. And this gave him access to gold medallist from X games to perform at shows in Costa Rica. Although he did his shows successfully, but he didn’t do too well financially with the shows. This led to bouts of tremendous despair and anxiety. He came back to India in 2010 and lived here for 3 years. He didn’t know if it was the right move. At this juncture in his life he suffered a catastrophe in his personal life. His wife divorced him and permanently moved back to Costa Rica with his daughter.  Devastating as this was for him, he didn’t let the situation get the better of him.

Mother’s encouragement

In this most difficult and sorrowful period of his life his mother encouraged him. His mother Subhadra Prasad has always been a great source of inspiration for him, and this time was no different. She told him that failures are temporary phases of life and they are not really failures, but they test your inner zeal and strength. This made him back to Costa Rica. He decided to take another shot at acting and producing movies.

So, what was the subject and inspiration for you for this film? His very poignant answer was his own life experiences gave him the courage to create and bring to fruition his dream project.

He wanted to create a total Bollywood masala. The project was unique for Central America since it was going to be the first action movie and first Latin American movie in Bollywood style. Someone with no experience in movie production, this was a near-impossible project that he had taken up as a challenge. He started putting a team together of local actors, artists and celebrities from Costa Rica. He shared his dream with them and convinced them to be a part of his  project. He teamed up with Teresa Rodriguez Cerdas, a local university owner and pioneer in education business and convinced her to take the task of Executive Producer.

“Now that the movie is about to get released, how do you feel?” He laughed and said that his right shoulder ligament is torn and he almost lost his eyes during the shoot.  I could see through his smiles that he was very excited about the movie. He shared that through this journey of life during difficult times he learnt never to give up hope. He said, “Fate may play a role but it’s mostly our own hard work and determination that defines who we are and what we can become!”

The big moment

The movie is releasing on February 9th, 2017. He is hopeful that the inauguration will be done by the president of the country and the movie is being released in 14 countries through CinePolis.

In this project, he is the lively hero of “Enredados: La confusion” (Entangled: The confusion). This is also the first Latin American film made with the typical Bollywood masala which has comedy, action, song and dance recipe. A complete family entertainer!

Nancy Dobles, a popular Costa Rican TV hostess, is the film’s heroine. Famous local actors Mario Chacon and José Castro also appear in the film as supporting stars. The cast also includes world wrestling champion and Hollywood actor Scott Steiner. Panamanians, Colombians and Argentines have also collaborated in the project. The director is Ashish Mohan, who has helmed blockbusters like Akshay Kumar-starrer “Khiladi 786” (2012). The dance, and action sequences have been choreographed by Bollywood experts Like Rakesh Sharma and Parvez Shaikh . Teresa Rodriguez Cerdas of Costa Rica has produced the film along with Prabhakar, which has been shot entirely in that country.

This movie will also be shown in the rest of Latin America, besides being dubbed in Hindi and English for audiences in India and the US.

The rom-com sees Leo, the hero, carrying out a big robbery. But his life changes when he meets Ana, who becomes the love of his life — but it turns out that he has to choose between money and love. He chooses love and decides to return the money. But confusion starts with an accident, which is followed by a series of risky and funny situations leaving the viewers with suspense and confusion about the money’s whereabouts.

A word about the title song. Costa Ricans, known as Ticos, have a distinct spirit. They do not say “bien” (well) when asked “Como esta” (How are you?). They say “Pura vida” which literally means “Pure life”. But what they really mean is “Full of life” and “Great”. No wonder, Costa Ricans come on top of the Happy Planet Index with the highest life satisfaction in the world. The title song of the film is about this “Pura Vida” philosophy.

Just the beginning

For Prabhakar, the film is only the beginning of his Latino movie “entanglement”. He plans to produce more films and hopes to include Barbara Mori, the Mexican actress who was the heroine to Hrithik  Roshan in the Bollywood film “Kites” in his next movie. His next movie might connect Indian and Latin American characters with shooting in India as well as in Latin America. “If all goes well then by blessing of God I am planning my next venture with Hollywood actors and plan to shoot my next movie in Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala and India,” says Prabhakar.

Prabhakar’ s film initiative will certainly contribute to enriching Indian cinema with the Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” culture and Latin America’s “Celebra la Vida” (Celebrate life) spirit.