This Is The REAL Reason Why Prince William And Kate Middleton Never Hold Hands

We totally love this amazing royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Their entire marriage was a big affair along with their two adorable kids, George and Charlotte.The Prince and Kate had their India and Bhutan tour recently and we noticed something rather odd on their public photos. It isn’t something that normal married couples do and assuming they’re from the royal family, the rules might be something else. Prince William and Kate never hold hands in public and here’s the reason why!

The Happy Family.

Prince William and Kate along with their two children, George and Charlotte.


They had tour to India and Bhutan recently.

We observed something very odd that they did.


If you would look at the pictures closely, you would notice a strange thing.

If you were to check out their photos, they seem very tamed compared to other married couples.

Although, they are always happy and smiling together, but not very touchy or close.


At first, we assumed it would be because the marriage isn’t going right.

But that’s not the case.


The couple is happy as ever.

Throughout their tour, they have been appearing to be very happy and comfortable with each other even though they don’t hold hands or get physically close.


Since they belong to the royal family, they should maintain a level of etiquette all the time.

After all, all their moves are being watched so they need to be strictly in control at all times.


It isn’t considered very good to be intimate in public.

PDA isn’t very kindly taken if you’re from the royal family.


That doesn’t mean they’re not having fun.

If you would look at their pictures, you would be delighted to see how happy they look.


They were definitely enjoying a lot.

They had fun wherever they went.

Look how happy they are! May God bless them!