Reasons that lead to women dumping men in a relationship

By Munmun Bhattacharjee

March 10, 2017

Break ups are simple to understand. When both the people in a relationship cannot go on any longer and have continuous arguments, they break up. Or when the relation is simply not engaging enough, people tend to break it off. But there are so many cases of people getting suddenly dumped, and the gender who does this most is females. Women have this nature to suddenly get really angry and stop talking or straightaway, to break up. It happens with men too but is more common among women. Here a hew reasons that can help you understand what went wrong:

Lies and deception: Irrespective of gender, the most important thing in a relationship is trust. While trust is something that can be repaired, it is actually a very tricky thing. For women, trust is like a glass. You break it and no matter how hard you try to put it back together, it would always look like mosaic. This is not true for everyone for there are many forgiving and trusting women out there, but continuous lies and deception will break anyone’s heart. And just as woman can be docile, they can also be rather rash and fierce. When complete cornered by lies, it can take her only a second to break the relation without even turning around.

Being stupid and irresponsible: Stupidity may seem cute at the beginning of a relationship but no way has it got any place in a deep relation. Anyone would want to be with someone who is normal, or at least has the ability to understand basic things like reading the atmosphere and behaving aptly. The same goes with responsibility, seeming a little clumsy at the start is ok but lacking the initiative or at doing your own bit is important in any relation. If you have been given a task then do it and sometimes, do things without being ordered about. Women like responsible men and that is all.

Being a control freak: The one thing that the women of this era hate is to give up their independence. Anyone would hate being with a person who constantly bosses around and restricts the other person. Being responsible is different than being a control freak. If you try to control a woman, then you would have a single status for the rest of your life until someone likes being played around with appears and fills the spot.