How to Regain Control of Your Career After a Hiatus

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How to Regain Control of Your Career After a Hiatus

The number of women currently working as professionals in many fields continues to rise. In big cities such as Mumbai, businesswomen are leading the charge for a better, faster-growing market. It is also not uncommon to see women filling key positions in top companies.

The demand for professional women is also on the rise. This is one of the reasons why many women are returning to their career after taking a break or stepping back from work. If you want to regain control of your career after a hiatus, these are the tips to try.

Understand the Situation

The long break you take shouldn’t affect your ability to work in a professional environment, but that doesn’t mean you should not make the necessary preparations. The market is changing more rapidly than ever, so it is only natural that some adjustments may be needed before you rejoin the workforce.

It is worth taking a look at the current job market. Browse through job listings and learn more about updated job descriptions. There may also be more positions in the same field, so taking the time to understand the landscape is worth doing.

You also need to start updating your resume. Don’t forget to make changes to your LinkedIn profile too, since the professional social network is where most hiring managers search for potential candidates these days.

Pick Up New Skills

Thanks to online education, it is now a lot easier to pick up new skills. Top universities in the US and Europe such as Rutgers Online also make their distance learning programs available to international students. You can now complete an AACSB online MBA while taking a break from work. Online MBA programs are flexible, so a lot of professionals are even taking them while maintaining their full-time jobs.

A master’s degree is the perfect vehicle to use when you’re trying to return to the professional world. For starters, it is the perfect answer to the question, “Why did you take a long break from work?”


The skills you pick up while completing the degree will also prepare you for the challenges of today better. Online programs are designed to be up-to-date and in tune with market demands, so the courses you take will equip you with the right set of skills for the position you are after.

Refresh Your Network

Networking is a big part of professional life, especially today. Before rejoining the workforce, take the time to reconnect with old colleagues and refresh your professional network. Setting up lunch meetings and attending industry events are not only fun but also useful for networking.

You may even find new opportunities to explore as you refresh your professional network. Job offers and other prospects will greet you as you take your first step back into the professional world. It won’t be long before you acquire the dream job you have always wanted.

So, are you ready to regain control of your career after a long break? The tips we covered in this article will help you get started without a problem.

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