I recently came across a line that set me thinking, thinking really hard. It talked about how people were meant to be loved, and things were meant to be used. And the reason why the world is in bedlam is that things are being loved and people are being used.

This is exactly the Gordian knot with modern day relationships. People just cannot stay true to one person and would rather skip from one to another each day. Evolution, we call it! Funny, isn’t it?


Here is my top list of why relations in modern times just do not seem to last.

# We are the modern day generation.

We are ‘social’ people. We would rather chat and socialize with ten different people at a given point of time, than bother to go out and spend quality time with one. Variety is what we want, and sadly one person cannot provide us that.

# We are the twenty first century kids.

We are ‘fast moving’ people. We are so used to things moving at a rapid pace, be it banking transactions or text messages, that we fail to give any relation the time that it needs to nurture and grow. When a relation does not progress fast enough or at the pace that we want, we simple give up instead of giving some time.

# We are the contemporary people.

We are ‘busy’. Our lives start and end with aiming for materialistic pleasures and striving to achieve them. A meaningful relation sadly, does not make it to our priority list and hence, we do not make time or space for love. Cars, clothes and other riches are what please us more than people or their love.

# We refuse to believe in love:

We have perhaps suffered from too many heartbreaks or seen too many failed relations, that our belief and trust in the concept of love is wavering. We have manipulated our brains to make them believe that real love does not exist and that marriage is just a social necessity.

# We keep looking for an epitomised relation:

The truth is that social media and television have ennobled and canonized ideal relations so much that the only emotion that breeds in our heart is discontent and the void just keeps on growing, bigger and bigger.

Apparently, nothing today deserves our time and attention, and we want everything to be quintessential, so we simply go on discarding everything that comes our way for want of something better. But this quest would never stop, would it?

No one can be the faultless parent, pristine son, exemplary brother, ideal daughter, flawless lover or perfect friend. Does that give us the authority to simply go about and disown people? Let’s face it, people around us are imperfect, but so are we. And people are never perfect, it is relations that are.

So if instead of pretending to live in this bubble of a modern and open minded generation, if we could all take out a little time for the real things to grow, maybe the world would not be such a harsh place anymore. Maybe, just maybe, modern day relations and bonds would survive and grow too. Well, we will never know if we don’t try!

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