Life is short, Have an affair.” Does this sound like “Have a break, Have a Kitkat”? The former slogan is of Ashley Madison, an online dating service facilitating married people to find better affairs. Some of us may raise an eyebrow hearing ‘married’ and ‘dating’. How many of us enjoy this thrilling idea of affairs? These dating sites changed the abstract into the tangible. There are a lot of leading married dating sites. Sites like,, illicit encounter etc make awestruck offers to customers with or without the image of men and women of different age group according to the necessity.

People check internet for married affairs website, best married dating sites, best websites for having affairs, married and flirting websites, extramarital affairs, best places to find affairs etc. This shows people are after choices but most people don’t want to leave their marriages. Men and women are biologically polygamous in nature. Emotional and physical needs differ. So men and women may tend to sign up with different dating sites. Eventually they will have exciting moments but have labelled themselves as cheaters in the nearest future.

Many reasons are there why couples cheat each other. As such, boredom, marital incompatibility, sex drive, lack of emotional support and intimacy etc could be the reasons for an extramarital affair. So many statistical data are available specifically on men-women cheating ratios. Surveys reveal that secret affairs are common and men and women give priority to liberating life experiences. Polygamy and polyandry exist since age old times and it is approved by certain societies. Thank goodness these extra marital are not given any legal approval. Will these common dating sites approve customers, as online partners, with an identity card?

When people explore incredible relationships, who regrets? Is life a choice in the era of globalization? Things which make us wonder struck is that there are catching cheaters sites too. Infidelity in marriages and relationships are becoming common and men and women who are after dating sites throw money to catch cheater too. Watch

Not a pervert

These information’s couldn’t be embarrassing for the readers as these things are popular. Having extramarital is not a healthy idea but statistics show that millions and billions of people are customers of these dating sites. Can we name these billions and millions as mentally sick? Do we need to call these people as sexually perverted or abnormal? Dating, one-night stand, sex, love, attraction, lust etc are part of this relationship mania. Incredible relationships deliver victims with stress, depression, rejection, disorder etc. Later they indulge in finding values of life, ways to be happy, positive mind therapy, success formula, philosophy, spirituality, powerful living, counselling, guidance, healing mind, yoga…- foster children of dating sites, but the search for relationships continues as people are well connected 24/7 with apps and dating sites.

By Dr Sigma G R

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