Relationship Tips: Here Are Four Signs To Tell You Are Not First Choice Of Your Partner!

Two people come closer in love and it grows into a love relationship. But in many cases a difference can be seen between two people in their way of loving each other. One might risk his life for another. But the other may not be as dedicated as the other one. In this situation, there may be a crisis of existence in the case of the one who capitalizes on all the emotions and falls in love.

You will feel this way only when you are not the first choice of your partner. Someone or something is already there before you. You can easily understand it by looking at some special symptoms of your partner. Let’s checkout what are those signs.

  • There is no point in having to be around every moment of the day just because you love, just as there is no such thing as a need to talk, it is not a sign of a healthy relationship at all. Your partner is avoiding being busy, but he is always active on the social media. In this situation it can be assumed that he has something more important than you.
  • Is he reluctant to plan ahead, even if it means going to a movie, eating at a restaurant, or at least meeting? If it is then maybe he has some other plan which is more important than you. Spending time with you depends on that plan.

  • Both of you are sitting together hoping to get out somewhere after a long time. But the plan gets cancelled because of your partner’s sudden work. But it is better to say, do not misunderstand in advance. He may have thwarted the plan for some genuine reason.
  • The beautiful moments that the two of you make together are the logistics of your well-being, but your partner doesn’t remember anything. Maybe your partner do not want to remember those precious moments and this could be a sign when you understand that you are not the first choice of your partner.

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