Relationship Tips: How To Bring Your Partner Emotionally Closer To You?

Emotional intimacy is the base of every relationship. If it’s damaged from the core, then the entire relationship seems to be get fragile. Once a relationship becomes old, we tend to lose that emotional bonding and attachment which may often can be the initial stage of a breakup. But sometimes, we need to take extra efforts to bring back that attachment to settle things in its place.

Your partner may be reluctant to that, but that doesn’t mean you cannot put effort to make things alright. So, if you are also feeling less attached to your partner emotionally, then there are certain ways to sort things out and bring him emotionally closer to you. Read on to know them.

4 Tips to bring your partner emotionally closer to you:

1. First, open up to him to show your vulnerable side. If you reveal your secrets and share your problems with him, he will feel more comfortable. This will help him to lose himself in front of you. He will also share his issues with you. But don’t try to be his therapist by giving solutions to those problems. Just listen to them.

2. Don’t try to be judgmental to anything that your partner shares with you and come to any conclusion about it. This will prevent your man from revealing his true self in front of you. If you want him to listen to you carefully, then you need to be a good listener first. This will create a strong emotional intimacy.

3. Showing physical affection is a great way to connect with each other emotionally. Make him realise that you adore him.

4. Lastly, to create emotional bonding, you need to be playful with your partner. And for that, you should feel happy with yourself. So, don’t let negative feelings destroy your inner peace because that will prevent you from feeling free and joyful. Playful attitude will always make your partner feel more comfortable to be free.

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