A true relationship is, two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.”
Relationships are fragile, keep them warm and safe. A connection between two people, the faith, the understanding and the love because of which the bond between these two people becomes so strong, helps to establish the relationship and grow more.

People sometimes forget what they are losing in their relationships in the order to achieve more in their career, in order to become rich and successful they forget that the actual meaning of becoming rich is not by the money but by being on the side of their loved ones. A relationship breaks or shakes because of the following reasons. When a partner starts losing interest in their love life, sometimes a partner or both the partners start losing interest romantically and physically, lack of understanding, not being faithful and true to each other which are big reasons that break the bond.


Earlier, the relationships between men and women used to be much more connected, even without the means of communications, which we are nowaday’s addicted to like phones or Facebook or Whatsapp. Earlier, people used to talk to each other via posts. The long-distance relationships have been so successful earlier because the understanding level of the couples used to be so high, and extreme faith in each other used to make them closer even if they are physically living far from each other.

The lifestyle which today’s generation owns is also something which collapses their relationship. As the working hours of the people are so flexible that they sometimes don’t even observe, if it’s been too much time without being at home. People give their work more priority than their partners, which leads the relationships towards fight, stress and making it less connected.

Nowadays people prefer being in a live-in relationship, but even being in the same house, they connect lesser, they plan to meet even being in the same house.

These entire problems are nothing but a mole in a relationship, they can be removed through some ways and solutions, which can make a relationship more lovely and lively.

  • Give your partner some space and time, but don’t start avoiding and ignoring them.

  • Do talk about your problems with each other, whether about work, health, finance and mostly about your own relationship which you share together.

  • Keep each other happy but also don’t forget your own happiness, it’s mandatory to be yourself.

  • Try new things in your love life, a vacation or small holidays.

  • A candle-light dinner and some surprise gifts can also make your relationship exciting and cheerful.

  • Cooking for your partner is the best gift one could give, make their favourite dishes, which will make them love you even more.

  • Talk about each other’s corporate and working life, if possible help each other out with some advice.

  • Most of all, make them feel special and make them realize that they hold some special place in your life.

Relationships are such naïve things, they can take a turn on a wrong path with a small amount of mistakes. It’s unaffordable to make mistakes over and over again. Even after knowing that their love life could get harmed people leave as it is going and don’t care about the future. If a person loves somebody, he or she should start putting some efforts, so that instead of taking any wrong paths their relationships can grow stronger and unbreakable. And most of all respect your partner and understand each other with all your hearts.

Sunidhi Prajapat

Categories: Relationship