Back then, people were crazy about these cuties when they were too small. But now, Jagya from the daily soap, ‘Balika Vadhu’ as all grown up like a handsome hunk. We won’t be surprised if people, especially girls are still crazy for him. The actor has turned an entrepreneur and owns his own social media company. Now, he is on cloud nine as he has found the love of his life in Miss India, Saloni Luthra.

The couple is totally in love with each other now and their social media is the proof of the same. Their Instagram is filled with their photos with cute captions indeed. Finally, Avinash opened about his relationship in an interview with The Times Of India.

On speaking about how the two met, Avinash shared, “I had messaged her on Instagram as I wanted someone to create written content for my company. We knew each other since college and I knew that she writes well.” To this, Saloni further added, “I recommended him a few more names for content writing, but he said he just wanted me. Well soon, we realised with time that we were meant to happen and gradually fell in love, deep in love.”

Avinash further added, “Before I proposed to Saloni, I took her to Amritsar, to make her meet my mother and she is one of the very few girls, whom I have introduced to my mother. My mother understood what was brewing between us and they bonded well.” Saloni also talked about how her parents accepted the man of her life, “In fact, my parents allowed me to go on a solo trip with Avinash all the way to Amritsar, and that’s the kind of confidence they had in us.”

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And then Avinash shared about the dream proposal, he said, “I proposed to her at 4 am. So, actually, that time is known as the BrahmaMuhurta when Lord Brahma wakes up and I thought that was auspicious to propose to her. And guess what It was an instant Yes from her side too. So, it all worked for me. It is important for every couple to sustain their relationship. Be it knowing each other’s ambitions to each other’s needs etc, It’s about not just staying together, it’s about growing together.”

Saloni also revealed what attracted her towards this charming man, “Avi is absolutely old school and that is what I love about him, despite being in the modern era, his thoughts are rooted and he is very clear on his thoughts.”

Saloni never knew about Avinash’s acting career. On this, Avinash said, “I was dumbfounded and quite embarrassed when she said she knew nothing about Jagya and Balika Vadhu. I was expecting her to know at least something about me and my work.” Saloni added, “I knew nothing about him and honestly didn’t care much until he was The Rock. When I went to his place and saw so many awards, was when I realised that he was a big name. But that did not bother me because thankfully I loved him as Avinash and not as Jagya and by the time knew the real him.”

Isn’t this couple so adorable? What do you think?