It has nearly been 10 years now,when Sajid Khan made an entry in the Bollywood industry with his first full-length film, ‘Heyy Babyy’ as a filmmaker.

Yes, it is the same film that starred Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmufilmmakern Khan as three handsome bachelors and of course the bold beauty Vidya Balan as Akshay Kumar’s wife.

While all the stars performed exceptionally well in the film and left us amazed, but more than them, the one who kept us continuously glued to the screen and completely won over us was the little girl, ‘Angel’, around whom the story revolved.

The film was undoubtedly a big hit and the major credit of the film’s success goes to the cute baby, who played one of the most important characters in the film as Akshay and Vidya’s daughter.

Remember this cute munchkin who was the pivot of the film?

She was the one who came into the life of the three boys and completely changed them as a person.  She proved it that even a little baby could do wonders.

Want to see some more pictures of the adorable baby? There you go! :

For those who are not aware, the real name of this little girl is Juanna Sanghvi and with time she has grown up too.

She no more looks like she did in the film. But that has definitely happened for good as she has turned even cuter than before.

Check out her picture here:


Doesn’t she look AWW-dorable? Don’t you wish to see her back on the bigger screen yet again? Share your views in the comment section.

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