Wednesday brought along death for a number of people as a 27-story residential tower in London when fire took all over.

The London Fire Brigade had sent 40 vehicles to the scene when flames were reported. However, many were dead and injured till then. Around 30 patients were transported to five local hospitals.

One resident of the area, Ousama Itani, shared, “We saw apartment after apartment getting lit up into flames.” London Mayor Sadiq Khan also tweeted on the incident. He tweeted, “Major incident declared at Grenfell Tower in Kensington. 40 fire engines & 200 firefighters at the scene – follow @LondonFire for updates.”

The apartment was built back in the 1970’s and all the residents were given a “stay put” policy in an event of fire. They were asked to keep their windows and doors shut till the fire brigade arrives.

Many people around started posting pictures and videos from the site. Here are some of them:


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