With the onset of festive season, there is a lot of excitement among people since this brings prosperity and of course a reason to revamp their home. Some choose to change the entire look of the house by buying new furniture and home décor or by painting their homes in a completely new look; some go by just changing the placement of the things in the house and adding new decorative items here and there. Some just do spring cleaning and touching up by changing cushion covers, bed sheets and table cloths. Here are some ideas to jazz up your home this festive season.

LED lighting

Lighting plays an important role in decorating homes. There is an influx of decorative lights in the market in smart options of decorative pieces which lights up as well in forms of flowers, statues, glass panels.

home-interior-lamps-modern-apartment-furniture-design-interior-decor-and-mood-lighting-on-home-interior-image-OptimizedAccording to interior designer Meghna Mirchandani, “LED lighting has been introduced in candles with remote controls which can be used in homes and are safer than lit candles which are reusable and environmentally safer and a more convenient option. LED lights in homes are used in various ways such as, in candle holder, back lit panels of wood, Corian and MDF are a popular design element in decorative lighting. LEDs are used in ceilings and coves. So when opting for lights, don’t restrict yourself to wall and ceiling lights. There are statues and decorative pieces which light up well with LED lights. They can be used to highlight the shape of stones or landscaping or even give sparkle to gushing fountains which can be used in our gardens. It is not expensive to either procure or maintain.

interior 2-OptimizedRope light and panel lighting can be used in balconies, outdoor and indoor. All bulbs of any light fitting can be replaced with LED bulbs which are economical in the long run and environmentally better.” Indian designers have adapted very well and are experimental in using the new lighting options to recreate various looks and ambience. Living rooms should have comparatively dim lights and a mix of ceiling lights and lamps. In the bedroom one should have nice bedside lights along with ceiling lights.

Touch-up windows

“Another factor to look upon while decorating your home is the windows of your house. Many new designs of windows are flooding the market. People are now opting mostly for less cluttered windows to give a modern look. Earlier there used to be heavy grand curtains but now we have light and minimalist roll- up blinds which give neater look. The fresh look works for the festive season,” says Meghna.

Home-secrets-10-glamorous-winter-decor-ideas-Windows-OptimizedThe easiest way to revamp the feel of a room quickly is to change the wall colour. If your home have white walls, painting one of the faces with a bright colour like red, yellow or green can massively change the feel of the room. If you are looking for a less permanent change, wallpapers are a good idea. Floral or even geometric shaped wallpapers can give a very warm feel to the room. However make sure whatever colour you choose complements or contrasts the existing décor. “For the walls, one can opt for bright colours with a hint of fusion of gold and silver. Also wallpapers and MDF (Medium Density Fibre) panels have also picked up in India. Apart from this one can incorporate a lot of rugs, runners and throws. If you do not wish to change the interior of the house, then by simply re-arranging the available furniture can also change the look of the house. Try to keep the furniture away from the wall; this gives the illusion of spacious house,” says Meghna Mirchandani.


interior 10-Optimized-OptimizedEven easier way to give your home a celebratory look is to add some colourful sofa cushions. Mix and match sizes and colours to give the room a casual look. Embroidered cushions are very festive too.


a192525157400d63cea5aeb05bb9a5d4-OptimizedPersonalize your space with antiques that say something about you. This can include fancy mirrors, vases or any kind of wall hangings. Pottery of different kind can add an ethnic look to your home. Antique rugs make for a great add on too.

Lamps and lanterns


interior 7-Optimized

Lamps and lanterns are generally associated with Diwali, some of the new age designs are very versatile and can be used all through the festive season and through the year even. Interesting lamp shades can add a new dimension to the lighting of your room while also creating a point of intrigue.

Handy tips

interior 4-OptimizedHouse should look clean and fresh so invest in decluttering and cleaning your home. Then once all extra things are removed beautify the home starting first from the entrance so it’s welcoming and pleasing to whoever comes home Upholstery can either be professionally cleaned or changed if need arises. Invest in few but effective pieces that can add a wow factor to your home. Could be candle stands nice wall decor. All chandeliers should be cleaned so as to emit more light and look sparkling and hygienic.

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