Former Bigg Boss contestant/actress, Priya Malik who gained immense popularity at the time she was in the Bigg Boss house is currently hosting a section called Bigg Boss Ka Buzz every Monday on a digital video platform.

Now in her latest program, she will be seen revealing something really big. This time she will talk about what Bigg Boss house contestants feel about their host Salman Khan. In an interview, just before her show, she revealed,

“The overall vibe in the house is that everyone latches on to whatever Salman says and people agree with him, but I think some people take it with a pinch of salt, which is very clear even when you watch the normal daily episodes that are telecast on television. There are little things, nuances, perceptions and how the contestants react post the Salman Khan episodes which tell you what people really feel. I think that’s exactly what I have noticed in the house. The biggest revelation was when they all had to put themselves in the Top 10 categories based on popularity and Salman came on the episode and changed things around. You could literally tell how they felt and they weren’t very happy thoughts.”

There we saw a heated argument between Salman and Hina recently. Priya said, “I must mention the spat that Hina Khan had with Salman sir. He was being really honest about how she was coming across and where she is going wrong… You could clearly tell that Hina did not want to hear what Salman had to say and I think it would have been in her favour if she did, because Salman was actually trying to show her a mirror – this is how you are coming across on television – you take it or leave it, that’s your choice. But I think the best part of Salman as a host is that he tells you what he thinks and what the perception outside is, but he doesn’t force his opinion on you and that’s what he did with Hina. But I think she did not want to hear what he had to say – in Hina’s case she does not want to hear what anyone else has to say! That was Hina being Hina…”

As per Priya, there are some more contestants who are not happy with Salman Khan. She said, “Arshi Khan also does not like what Salman has to say to her. It’s very similar to Hina but Arshi’s reaction to Salman is a bit passive-aggressive. For instance, if he says, ‘Arshi you should not be over-reacting,’ she will say, ‘Achcha Salmanji, ab se main na bilkul react nahi karoongi… Chahe mujhe koi bhi kuch bhi kahe na mein kuch bhi nahi boloongi.’ That’s also a wrong reaction to give because someone is telling you honestly how you are coming across and you are completely shutting him down with passive-aggression. Sabyasachi Satpathy and Benafsha Soonawalla were really surprised that Salman doesn’t think they are entertaining. There was a little bit of unwillingness and resentment that I could see in them.”

However, Priya feels that Vikas is a big time fan of Salman Khan as he is always been very favourable of what Salman has to say to him.
Contestants may feel anything for Salman Khan but we all know that Bigg Boss is nothing without Salman! The show is surely a treat to watch when Salman takes over.

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