All thanks to truck loads of information on Internet that each zodiac sign is now stereotyped in a way or two. Endless generalized posts have developed false conceptions about each zodiac sign among people’s mindset. Like, as soon as you think of Aries, ‘mean and rude’ is what hits your mind first, which is not true at all. Similarly, several misconceptions about each zodiac float in our minds.
Have a look at what people get wrong about you as per your sun sign!

Aries: As stated above, people think Arians are mean 24*7 for no reason. But the fact is, you simply struggle a bit with patience and are blunt. You say what you feel unapologetically that too on face! If someone’s being annoying or irritating in front of you, you let them know by either rolling your eyes or doing a dramatic sigh! It is just that you are self centered but not mean at all. Rather you never carry evil intentions for anyone but and are extremely kind to people whom you genuinely like.

Taurus: Just because you appear to be very sweet and kind, people tend to believe that it is easy to fool you. But lol, they couldn’t be any more wrong! Good luck to the people who think you are a pushover. Good luck to the person who is surely not gonna enjoy the wrath after putting one over you. Because, you are completely a opposite personality than what they think.

Gemini:  You usually have a lot of friends and a very happening social life. But people misperceive it as that you never get lonely and are always high on life. But there are times when you just wish to be with yourself. You may feel lonely even in a crowd but you tend to cover this up and don’t talk about it to anyone except few close friends.

Cancer: People think you overreact to everything. You are usually misunderstood as a cry baby who relentlessly cribs about anything and everything. But that’s not true at all. You do have your chill moments and are very compromising in nature.

Leo: There exists a common conception that everything comes easily to you and you don’t have to work hard for anything. Only you know how you have earned everything that you have. It is your ambitiousness that keeps you going.

Virgo: You think you are perfect – this is what most of the people think about you. They perceive you as a self-boasting person who is just too proud of himself or herself. But they are not aware of how much you strive to better yourself.

Libra: Librans are considered as big time lazy people. You are constantly working but you make it look effortless unlike others who shout out loud even if they pick up a tiny stone.

Scorpio: Scorpions are perceived emotionless and very confident. The reality is that you have your moments of self-doubt. You keep your vulnerability under the wraps so that people don’t think you are any less.

Sagittarius: You r carefree attitude makes people think you never have anxiety. You may not have social anxiety but a lot of things make you worried. Like, when people tend to control you.

Capricorn: People think you are serious all the time and lack any sense of humour. Just because you work hard and are focused doesn’t mean you are not funny. When in mood and not working, you can leave people in splits.

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