Revealed: The real reason why Deepika left Ranbir Kapoor will leave you shocked!

By admin

August 30, 2017

Ranbir and Deepika made quite an enchanting couple. Unlike other celeb couples, they never had certain qualms or hesitations and were rather very much open about their relationship. Deepika even got a tattoo of Ranbir Kapoor’s name’s initials inked on her nape. And their interviews were always inclusive of the mushy details of their love life – the world was aware that Ranbir and Deepika are head over heels in love with each other.

However, some unfortunate developments took place in their heaven-like relations which led to an awkward break-up. News of their break-up spread like a forest fire and left their fans utterly shocked. It was speculated that it was Deepika’s emotional dependence on Ranbir that made things difficult in their relationship. But today, we tell you the real reason that what actually had forced Deepika to take this bold step and breakup with Ranbir.

Apparently, just like most guys, Ranbir too made his girl feel insecure which constantly disturbed Deepika. In an old interview, Deepika once revealed that she became possessive owing to insecurity that Ranbir made her go through. She was quoted saying, “my man gives me my security, why would I be possessive? Then I wouldn’t ask him where he is, what he is doing or even who he is with. If my partner is doing things, which betray my trust, then I will become possessive. You become possessive only when you know there’s something going wrong, not just for the heck of it. It’s not about the kind of person I am, it’s about the person I am with.” Cut to now -They both are great friends, share an amazing professional relationship, have done two films together and do not mind partying together. Post breakup goals, maybe? 😛