‘Revenge Travel’: Post Covid Plans By Indians

We are aware of the fact that as the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic stormed the country, heavy restrictions were imposed, which include strict lockdown and travel restrictions. In recent days, due to a steady decline in the COVID-19 daily new cases in India, the tourist spots are once again trying to back to pre-pandemic situations, for the tourists to appear again.

Sameera Jain, a freelance content writer, based in Delhi, feels that her life is lacking in her dreams and plans of travelling to her favourite destinations, due to the pandemic and related restrictions. She said that she wants back her ‘normal life. Now, as the restrictions have been easing thoroughly in Delhi since May 31, Sameera, along with her family, has decided to go on a tour to Shimla, the neighbouring State of Himachal Pradesh. Contrary to that, Sameera says, “Our lives have become so monotonous, we have started feeling depressed. For changing our mind and regular taste due to the imposed restrictions, we have decided to travel and take days off.”

Next, followed by Sameera Jain, a teacher in a private school in Mumbai named Diyara Doshi is planning for a sorted weekend along with her husband in Lonavala, a hill station 90 kms away from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She intended to echo Sameera’s views in a sense, leading her to take the decision. Further, Diyara says, “We have taken both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, so we are now a little safe to travel.”

Earlier, on June 14, a beeline made by tourists was seen on the Kalka-Shimla Highway, choked with cars, clearly showing that people are hopping into hill stations despite being scared of the pandemic. Moreover, according to stats made from surveys released in May by Deloitte (consulting firm), it shows that 54 per cent of people feel safe to travel compared to 50 per cent in the previous wave (First wave of COVID-19). Further, the survey conducts that from June to August, it will consistently see an upward trend, as compared to the previous wave.

Moving on, like Sameera Jain and Diyara Doshi, Ishaan Bilala, an analyst at a consulting firm, also shows eager interest to go on a short vacation in Tosh near Kasol, in Himachal Pradesh. He is looking forward to book a comfortable hotel with a surreal view. Further, he expresses, “We know that COVID-19 has not ended, yet we thought we should take one trip at least before cases hike again.”

In another survey, 72 per cent people feel that travelling this year is very much important for them that the last devastation due to the pandemic, while 70 per cent are planning to travel in the near future, which after everything gets normal just like pre-pandemic situation. Further, the term ‘revenge travel’ is inducing people to take flights in a huge number, rose from 42,000 in May to 1,25,000 from the third week of June, per day.

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