Every woman wants her hair and skin to be perfect. And there are endless ways to achieve it. One such way is talked about in this video (link given below). This will reduce and solve your struggles for hair dilemma.

You must have heard about ‘rice water’ being used for beauty purposes. Rice water is used for hair as well as for beautifying your skin. Shampoo and hair conditioners might be good for hair, but they contain chemicals which is not healthy for hair especially when their use is excessive. Rice water removes this hair damage done by chemicals, or at least minimises the damage. Also, regular use of rice water makes your hair stronger and shinier. In countries like India, Korea and Japan, women have been using rice to make their hair stronger, longer and beautiful, since years. Rice water is also used for skin, like making it clear and healthy.

This v-logger talks about qualities of rice and usage for rice water in making your hair smooth, healthy as well as longer and shows how to use plain rice water and fermented rice water for growing your hair beautiful. Chemicals in rice nourish the rough and dull hair and helps in making your hair thicker and shinier.
The process is very short and simple and very easy to use. Watch out this trending beauty video to learn the ultimate solution of your hair problems.

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