Life is absolutely unpredictable. You never know when it dooms you with endless lows and surprises you when you expect the least. Life showed its flabbergasting nature to this 55-year-old rikshaw puller when he met the same girl whom he had stopped from committing suicide 8 years ago.

Bablu Shekh, a rikshaw puller always wanted a daughter but life played its own role and he has 3 sons. He would often rant that maybe he is not lucky enough to be blessed with a daughter. But his perception turned absolutely opposite when he witnessed suicide-attempt by a girl whose father was extra-ordinarily caring towards her. Even though he stopped the girl from doing the deed but his desire for girls post this incident, literally ended. But life took an unprecedented turn when he met with an accident and opened his eyes  in the hospital. The doctor who saved his life was the same girl whom he had saved 8 years back.

Read the astonishing and heartwarming story here. It was shared by a photographer based in Bangladesh, GMB Akash and he shared a portrait photograph of the rikshaw puller along with the enlightening story.

Here’s what the heart-warming post read!

” We always wanted a daughter. But we have three sons. I often told my wife only fortunate have daughter. I am working as a rickshaw puller for more than thirty years. Most of my passengers were bad tempered. They always scolded me. One morning a father hired me to take his daughter to the college. He requested me to be careful in the road. He told his daughter to hold the rickshaw tightly. Before we left he told me to go slowly so the girl may not get hurt.

On our way after sometime I heard the girl was crying insanely. I tried to look back and wanted to ask her if everything was okay. She scolded me and warned me not to look back. After a while she asked me to stop and started calling someone by her phone. She was screaming and crying all the time. I understood she supposed to escape from home with a boy. He did not show up.

Suddenly she jumped from the rickshaw, left the money in the seat and quickly went to the train line. I was about to leave, felt sorry for the father and thought it may be good not to have a daughter. But I was not able to paddle further; I heard her father was requesting me to be careful. I parked my vehicle and ran for the girl. She was in the rail line, moving like a sick person to harm herself. I went near to her and requested her to go back with me. She yelled at me, called me uneducated stupid, in between she kept crying insanely. I was afraid to leave her in that empty place. I let her cry, as much as she wanted.

Almost three hours we were there and rain was about to come. Before the rain starts she got up and asked me to bring the rickshaw. We did not talk about anything. In the rain I paddled quickly. I dropped her near her house. Before I left she stopped me and said, ‘Uncle, you should never come at my place again, never tell anyone you know me.’ I lowered my head and returned to home. That day I did not talk to anyone, I did not eat anything. I told myself it was better not to have a daughter.

After more than eight years, very recently I had an accident. I was kind of senseless. Public took me to the hospital;. When I got back my sense I saw the girl was working near me, she asked me how I was feeling, why I never went to meet her. It was hard for me to recognize the girl in white dress, in spectacle and stethoscope. My treatment went well. I was taken to a big doctor. I was listening to her telling him, ‘Sir, he is my father’. The old doctor told her something in English. Then she touched my injured hand and replied him, ‘If this father did not support me in the past, I won’t be able to become a doctor’. I was lying in a narrow bed and tightly shut my eyes. I cannot tell anyone how I felt. This rickshaw puller has a daughter, a doctor daughter.

– Bablu Shekh (55)”

Goodness always come back! <3

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