Rishi Kapoor And Neetu Singh Are Enjoying Vacations In Italy With Close Friends, Pictures Inside

The year 2018 proved to be really tough for the Kapoor’s as Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer. But after almost one year of treatment, Rishi Kapoor has finally recovered. Post their return to Mumbai Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh have been spending some quality time with friends and family. On October 10, 2019, Neetu had taken to her Instagram to share pictures and videos from their Italian vacation. She had captioned the pictures as, “Bunch of crazy friends en route to Positano!!! Everyone trying to get the Italian accent right only I sounded like a Tamilian.” Take a look:


In an interview with Times Now Neetu Kapoor had opened up on her first reaction after Rishi Ji was diagnosed with cancer. She was quoted as saying, “My first reaction was, obviously very bad, I was devastated, my kids were devastated. We didn’t know what to do. But then we thought to ourselves that this is it, we have to deal with it. Where he (Rishi) is concerned, he was in denial. For 4-5 months, he was not himself. I think when you start accepting that this is your issue, then you are stronger. I feel he is much stronger for the past, maybe 5-6 months.”

On September 6, 2019, after returning back to Mumbai Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh had gone to Tamil Nadu to seek blessings at the Balaji Temple. Sharing glimpses from their trip Neetu Ji had posted a video where she can be seen nailing Tamil Tongue Twister. She had captioned it as, “After taking blessings of Balaji. entertaining them with a Tamil tongue twister.”Take a look:


In an interview with Times Of India, Rishi Kapoor had once spoken about the most important thing he had learnt during this one year of struggle. He was quoted as saying, “The most important thing that these past nine months taught me, apart from the fact that I had to recover from a disease, is patience. I never had that before. God has taught me that patience is the mother of all virtues. My (medical) treatment is hardly for an hour once in four weeks, but it takes long for it to work on you. It’s not a push-button thing that you do it once, and then you will be alright. My wife and friends keep telling me that I was a very impatient person all the time… my work style, my way of life… The fact is, you have to be patient and let things take its own course. I have been going through this ordeal of being a patient and it’s interesting how it (the word patient) taught me patience. You can’t always be wanting to do things immediately.”

Rishi Kapoor had also shared how this phase of his life has taught him to be patient. He had stated, “My work was such that I couldn’t afford to be patient. I had to be active all the time. Life teaches you to slow down sometimes. Anupam Kher told me that I needed this break, but of course, not in this manner. I don’t want a break when I am undergoing treatment. People may wonder what I am doing in America for so long”.

He had further added, “I move around, eat, drink, shop and watch films. I can’t come home because I am bound by the hospital — I am under treatment and under observation. For me, this has taken great patience, else I would have left this place and come back to Mumbai a long time ago. The treatment requires you to behave a certain way. From one treatment to another, it takes weeks. That’s why I have been here for nine-and-a-half months. I am hoping to come back by the end of August. I have seen all four seasons of this city (New York). I came here in September last year, which was autumn. I went through winter, spring and now, it is summer.”

These pictures are making us want to take a vacation soon!

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