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Rishi Kapoor loses cool, abuses women over twitter

By admin

March 07, 2017

Well-known for tweets, Rishi Kapoor went too far this time when he lost his temper over some twitteratis and abused them. Rishi Kapoor posted a question over Twitter, asking what is common between him and Karan Johar.

For the question, the obvious answer expected was that both Karan and Rishi named their sons after their father. While Rishi Kapoor named Ranbir after his grandfather Ranbir Raj Kapoor, Karan named his recently born boy Yash after the name of his father Yash Johar. And yes, someone gave the correct answer.

However, some people trolled him after his tweet. One of the tweets said, “@chintskap art of getting away with stupidity since you are celebrities?’, ‘@chintskap I thought they both are useless and why I have to watch them.” Rishi Kapoor abused the person in return and wrote:


After sending this dm, Rishi blocked the person from twitter.

Another tweet said, “You are a Kapoor shit @chintskap . Just cuz you are a celebrity you can’t abuse people. Mind it.…”

Rishi Kapoor had some more foul language to shower:

And this was not it, another user came forward and shared how she was abused too. Have a look at the conversation: