Riteish Genelia! The Reel like Real Love Story!

By Medha Chawla

October 27, 2016

When it comes to the best real life Bollywood couples, Riteish and Genelia can never be missed out. They are undeniably the cutest and the most perfect couple They started their acting careers together; did several films together and tied the auspicious knot of marriage in the early years of their relationship. Since the very beginning of their togetherness, they share a dreamy bond.

In the times, when romance and love has restricted to Whatsapp and Facebook; they both still write letters to each other. It is hard to find them not holding each other’s hand, when they are out together. And Riteish has confessed this too; that he naturally looks for his wife’s hand when they walk. Much cute no?

Moreover, both of them never fall short of words to appreciate each other. Be it on social media or during any interview, they whole heartedly express their love for each other. After becoming proud parents of Riaan (2) and few months old, Rahyl; their bond has yet again grown stronger.

Here are a few pictures of the most adorable real life Jodi.