Riya Sen Pulls Down Her Male Co-stars Pants In Bed

The incident took place in Madh Island where the actress was shooting for a full-fledged lovemaking scene with her co-star when Riya decided to take charge of the lovemaking and pulled the pants of her co-star down, leaving him embarrassed and speechless. The two were filming for Ekta Kapoor’s web series Ragini MMS 2 when Riya decided to take full control of the lovemaking scene.

Riya Sen was shooting with actor Nishant Malkani when she was asked to expose her body when she decided to take control of the situation and pulled her male co-star Nishant’s pants exposing half of his butt. He was left embarrassed and didn’t know where to hide.

She did this with her co-star to make a strong point to her director Suyash. A source said, “Yes, this did happen. You see I wanted to tell the director (Suyash) that why should a woman be made to expose in intimate scenes every time? Why can’t it be the man who exposes?”

She talked about this to her director but he still insisted on making Riya expose for the scene. Riya said,  “They wanted me to expose a lot. I resisted vehemently. Suyash refused to budge and then I had a bright idea, which I executed in the middle of the shot. The shot was being taken at high speed and I quickly pulled down Nishant’s track pants. And then I gave them a long speech. We have a female audience too, right? Why don’t we keep them in mind? ”

When asked whether she did expose for the web series, this is how Riya Sen shot back, “Well, I indulged in some kissing for sure. But I managed not to expose myself at all.”

This scene would be shown in the 8th episode of the web series Ragini MMS 2. So, let’s just wait and watch.