What is future? Is it something far? Is it 2050 or 3030? The term future is used to talk about a thought far away, an idea which is at the moment impossible to catch. But with the booming we are seeing in our technologies every day, can you still say the same? The future is here. Future is now.

It was our wish to create or become something impeccable, to create or become Gods, that has brought us this far. Debating after so many years of development, about whether a man’s greed to achieve perfection is just or not, can hardly make an interesting discussion. We are where we are because of our greed and lust to know and indulge in what we term as the truth of the universe. From a time when the greatest invention was Graham Bell’s telephone in 1876 we are now indulging in replacing humans with robotic workforce throughout the world. The creator is now being replaced by the creation.

The things our minds can think of and achieve are growing at an alarming, amazing and scary rate. Something incomprehensible today will become something obvious tomorrow.

The main components of an advanced robot are considered to be Actuators, Sensors, Operation utilization, Movement and Measuring Objects and humans. The first robot invented by George Devol in 1954 was named the ‘Unimate’, he was an industrial robot and was a topic of hype in its time. But the robots we now have are much more than simple workers. Here’s what the newest robots can do!


The Soft robotics:

This is rapidly growing at the moment. Until this year, the devices still relied on some rigid parts. But now scientists have created the first completely soft-bodied robot that looks like an octopus and can propel itself. (Aww… it’s an octopus!)

The Doctor robot!

The world’s first robotic surgery took place this year it was carried out on a pig intestine, but the Star robot performed better than skilled human surgeons at stitching up the animal’s intestines. This year, the tiny Preceyes surgical robot operated inside a human eye for the first time. Researchers created another ingestible robot from dried pig intestines and a magnet that can be guided through the body using a magnetic field to remove foreign object, from a person’s stomach lining. (The thought of a robot entering my body sounds scary… but maybe its fine as long it solves the purpose.)

The Disaster management robot!

Salto the robot can readjust in midair to push off from a wall and this could lead to robots that can quickly traverse rubble in disaster zones looking for survivors. (We might soon see a superman robot flying in the sky.)

The Hunter robot-

It’s as its name goes. Scientists were able to create a robot that can hunt another human-controlled robot. These bots will be able to track targets in real time and it gets better with practice. (Let’s hope to not get into a fight with the owner of this one!)

The Sensitive robot-

Pain helps one stay away from harm’s way and that is what scientists made possible for their robots by providing robots with a tactile system inspired by human skin that can detect both pressure and temperature. (Ok, so now we have a chance against the hunter bot!)

And this is just the brief of what our fast growing world has to offer us at the moment. Soon but not soon enough, we will have robots at our hands who possess superhuman intelligence and emotions. It might be decades away.

The threat that scientist feel one can face from our pseudo human friends is if the command given to the robot does not exactly fit with what the human wants i.e. the robot uses a destructive method to meet the needs of the human; for example, if someone asks a bot car to take the shortest way to some place, the bot might try going in a straight line ignoring everything in between. Or, if a bot is given a destructive command. (Now we are totally into the sci-fi movie categories). But nonetheless we have already embarked on our journey to become Gods, let’s just hope this doesn’t end up destroying our own selves.

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