Chandigarh is well planned and one of the most beautiful cities in India. It lies at a comfortable distance of 246 kms from India’s capital Delhi and can be reached within 5 hours by hiring a comfortable taxi from Delhi to Chandigarh. Rock Garden is the most prominent tourist attraction of Chandigarh.

Situated between the Sukhna Lake and Capital complex, Chandigarh’s Rock garden is a world acclaimed attraction and a popular tourist spot. It consists of art objects which are created from industrial and urban waste. It is sprawled over an area of 20 acres and houses an open air exhibition hall, miniature maze and theatre trove in a beautifully built landscape.

1This magnificent place has surreal and artistic arrangement of rocks, boulders, discarded tubes, broken china ware, broken bangles, coal, building waste, and clay, all colligated to create a dream like world of palaces, village life, soldiers, monkeys, temples and women. The sculptures in open air are enhanced by structures like pools, a waterfall and an open air theatre with stage setting. Numerous prestigious performances have been delivered in this artistic open air theatre.

The Rock Garden has become like a heritage site with artists and connoisseurs from across the world coming to see this unique and amazing creation. Nek Chand, the creator of the rock garden, was a Road Inspector in the Engineering Department of the Chandigarh Capital Project. He travelled around the Shivalik foothills and picked up stones and waste materials resembling human, bird, animal, and abstract forms. He spent seven years collecting natural objects, urban and industrial waste. These were placed around a hut which he had built for his work. He built the Rock Garden from this small hut, located by the side of a stream.


Rock Garden, Chandigarh by Wikipedia

The site where Rock Garden stands today was used as a dumping ground for urban and industrial waste, Nek Chand collected pieces of foundry for urban and industrial waste, foundry lime-kiln and metal workshop wastes and gave them shape with his creative genius. These pieces have been prominently displayed as sculptures in the garden.

Also on display are artistic sculptures made out of discarded frame, mudguards, handle bars, forks, metal wires, play marbles, burnt bricks and even hair collected from barber shops. Nek Chand successfully demonstrated how industrial and urban waste can be fruitfully recycled and used in a creative way.

To give an effect of a make-believe kingdom, the Rock Garden has 14 different chambers like the royal, musician’s and a front court housing natural rock-forms. The main court is adorned with natural stone forms showcasing gods and goddesses and a swimming pool for the queen. One phase of the garden comprises the water falls, an open air theatre, mountains, a village, pavilions, over-bridges, and areas for royal pleasures.

During the Teej festival, Rock Garden assumes a festive look and becomes a major attraction for tourists. Female take part in the fun and frolic activities like swaying on the giant wings and getting their hands adorned with traditional Mehandi. Joyful song and dance performances are also held.


Teej festival, Chandigarh by Wikipedia

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