Bigg Boss season 11 might have begun on a boring and uninteresting note but now the explosive happenings taking place in the house have taken the show to a next level. The high voltage drama and oozing hot romance is now keeping the viewers hooked. After watching Puneesh and Bandgi’s over the top romance on national television, it wouldn’t be totally wrong to say that Bigg Boss is one show that you can’t watch in front of your parents. Well, this show should also be avoided by the parents of contestants! It must be so awkward for them to watch their kids getting intimate on national television just for the sake of staying in the show.

And let us tell you, this romance act has already turned out very pricey for Bandgi. As per several media reports, Bandgi has apparently been kicked out of her house in Mumbai and her father has also been hospitalised after watching her deeds  on television.

A source close to Bigg Boss contestant told the media that the residential society she lives in has mutually decided to kick her out of the house since they are scared of her bad influence on their kids. The source was quoted saying, “Bandgi’s landlord does not want him to stay in his house anymore. That’s why he called a friend of hers and told him that now the Bandgi is not there to live in that house and when she comes out of the Bigg Boss house, she has to evacuate the house.” If reports are to be believed, the landlord has no issues with her relationship with Puneesh on the show, it is the other residents of society who feel that she is a bad influence on kids. They do not want her to live in the same society.

That’s not all! Reportedly, Bandgi’s father is also extremely affected to see her daughter doing all the stuff on television. Owing to which, he has also been admitted in the hospital. The source said, “Bandgi is a resident of a small town in Punjab. Her father holds a taluka from the middle class family and is very angry with his family after seeing her antics on the show. Because of Bandgi, the society is pointing fingers and gossiping about the Kalras and her father couldn’t seem to take all this pressure. He recently had to be admitted to an hospital because of all this.”

Well, we are not sure if the reports are true or not, but let’s see how Salman reacts on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Also, Mumbai societies have always been intolerant in such cases. Sadly, innumerous struggling models, actors are thrown out of the houses and considered a menace because of their relationships and odd-working hours.

What do you think about the entire matter? Is it justified on landlord’s behalf to throw her out of the house? Also, are Bandgi and Puneesh doing it all right by getting intimate on the national television?

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