Rs 50 Lakhs Spent Daily On Ajay Devgan’s Mega Movie ‘Bhuj: Pride Of India’

A large amount has been spent on the action sequence of Ajay Devgan’s mega movie ‘Bhuj: Pride of India’, the movie is going to be released on this Independence Day, August 15th.

Ajay Devgan's Bhuj: The Pride of India

Rs 50 Lakhs Spent Daily On Ajay Devgan’s Mega Movie ‘Bhuj: Pride Of India’

The actor told that there are many action sequences of the Army and Airforce in the film, an enormous amount of money has been invested to make them more authentic and effective. In fact, during the 1971 war, the army had fewer weapons in comparison. And their training was also such that they were differently trained. Because there was less use of weapons and more use of brains. To create this and present, more money has to be spent in the action sequences.”

To show the bridge breaking scene 60 thousand litres of water was used

Actor Ajay Devgan’s close friends told that, for example, the bridge breaking scene has to be shot in the film. Earlier we shot it in Bhuj, but to make it more effective, it was again done on the edit table. The VFX team also said that there is no feeling of thrill in it. Even while doing VFX, the real impact needed more support. So that scene was also reshot in the  Ramoji Filmcity. The bridge was not destroyed by the Indian Army bombs. Udaati, rather, uses the rising tides in the water. To show that force of water, the scene of collecting 60 thousand litres of water at Ramoji Filmcity and blowing the bridge with its wave was filmed”.

Sonakashi Sinha

Look of Actress Sonakshi Sinha in Bhuj: Pride Of India

 Use of 100 kg dry chilli powder  only one scene

As per the production team, similarly, in a scene actor, Ajay Devgan’s character learns about the arms smuggling from across Pakistan is taking place in the sacks of chillies. At this information, Ajay Devgan’s character reaches the spot alone to stop them. This scene was also shot in Mumbai.

A warehouse room was also prepared. There were heaps of 100 kg dry chillies that was spread on the floor. In the scene actor, Ajay Devgan walks on them and takes on the smugglers in the warehouse. In the scene, his feet fall on a heap of dry chilli powder and the chilli powder keeps flying in the air. But Ajay Devgan filmed the scene despite a strong burning sensation in his eyes.

The makers of the movie also got help from the Indian Army

The makers wanted the original tank and the rest of the weapons, which were given to the makers by the army. The permission to show the exterior of the fighter plane was given to them. But the Art Direction’s team has again designed the fighter planes on their own. Around one and a half to two crore rupees have been spent on it. Also, some 300 junior artists were taken on board to act for the attack of the 1800 Pakistani army. Those 1800 are being shown in the film with the help of VFX. In total there are many such created scenes throughout the movie. Having all these reasons, the makers of the movie have spent Rs 50 lakh on the shoot every day. Besides a total of more than 100 days were shot.

Noha Fatehi

Actress Nora Fatehi will also be seen in an important role in the movie.

Actress Nora Fatehi will also be seen in an important role in the movie.

Actress Nora Fatehi has not only been hired for the dance number in the film, but she also has an important role. Actress also represents the Indian Army in the movie. She honey traps the Pak officer. She has a role in the first half and actress Sonakshi Sinha appears in the film in the second half. Sonakshi helps Ajay Devgan’s character to make the runway. Another actor Sharad Kelkar who played the role of Shivaji in ‘Tanhaji’ is also in the movie. Here Sharad is in the role of a brave army officer, a hero. The role of actor  Sanjay Dutt is very interesting in the story. His character is well aware of every move of the Pakistani army. Even the assistant who worked with the film’s director Abhishek Dudhaiya has been cast in the role of a Pak officer.

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