It’s perfectly normal to have friction in any relationship. But perfect relationship is that in which couples find ways to restore respect and love back in their relationship. In fact, you can lay down some ground rules for arguments in order to ensure that things do not go totally out of control during confrontation. :
1- If a certain thing has hurt you hard, explain your displeasure rationally on why you feel hurt. Don’t accuse or head for angry confrontations. Talk, and resist uncontrollable fight.
2- Experts say that sometimes relationships can break not because of what you say but how you say it. Even if a matter has turned serious, refrain from sounding rude to your partner.
3- One of the most important rules should be not using cuss words. Do not say anything that you might regret later.
4- In order to resolve a conflict, stick to the main line of argument. Also, listen and try to remember that your partner may have a valid point too.
5- You should understand at point in the argument you need to break off and proceed no further. Go easy.
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