Running Around Half-Naked; Too Much Hotness! New York’s Summer Trend Will Pull Out Your Eyeballs

Have you ever imagined yourself walking in a street wearing just a Cosabella Bra and lazy boxers? How sexy it would be to pose near a huge statue right in the middle of the city? Not just the glam touch, but also the comfort these small pieces of garments offer. It won’t stop you anyway.

Well, have you thought of yourself doing the same in a busy city in India? How would it be to show off your thighs and cleavage on a street? I agree that a few dare to do so, but one cannot deny the fact that our culture and moral policing here in India censors us all the time. Isn’t it high time that people should accept people for how they are instead of what they wear and how they live?

It’s July and summer in New York. Here is New York with its thousands of women, men and queer people flaunting their curves and edges in streets. These people are having a great summertime with their bare looks on and without bothering about each other. Let’s look at some of their ‘hot trends’.

Running around half-naked!

Yes, on hectic New York streets you will find women reading books in all corners. They will be keeping their heads down to read. Guess what will grab your attention? It’s indeed their attitude of being cozy with exposing their buttocks curvature. They’ll be wearing their low-slung jeans, cool bralettes and erotic bras.

You will also see half- naked men loitering around. They’ll be looking confident in their mid-thigh bike shorts and strappy sports bra tops. Yes, you read it right. Remember Harry Styles mocked at for wearing frock? The story is different in New York not because no one makes such shameful comments but purely because of the widely accepted motto ‘Who cares’.

“I’m an exhibitionist and I get pleasure from showing off my body. Especially after a pandemic, people are taking pleasure in showing off their bodies, no matter what that body is, and I’m very comfortable with that” said Kae Cook, a 32-year-old man making his way across Eighth Street in the East Village.

So with the Covid restrictions lifted up, people in New York are celebrating their liberty. You will see men and women dancing, kissing and dating with their favourite clothes on.

Let’s hope for a better India, where our men, women and queer communities can walk, dance and kiss on streets without getting haunted at the thought of being gazed. Be it cute mini-skirts or pretty one-fourths, let everyone have their choices. Have a happy Friday!

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