Just as your birthdate, the initial letter of your name also carries an immense weight of your personality. The first letter reveals a lot about the person’s traits, likes-dislikes, behaviour and nature. Today we are talking about the people whose names start with S.


  • People easily get attracted to their charming talking behavior.
  • The “S” name people are very fond of attention and love proving themselves ‘Right”.
  • They are very clean-hearted people and their uncontrollable anger makes them a villain for others.
  • Socialistic by nature, “S’ name people are amazing friends and always greet people with smile. They love attending parties and interacting with new people.
  • They do not believe in following the hoards rather prefer to always stand apart. Thus, their life choices are usually a bit different than others.
  • Once they get emotionally attached to a person, they can do anything for him or her.
  • They do things in their own personalised style and never copy anyone.
  • People with S name often prove to be a little indecisive. In the quest to do something unique, they end up taking wrong decisions.
  • Their love life often struggles a bit because of their keen fondness towards friend circle
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