Saif Ali Khan Insulted By Pakistani Man: Actor Shuts Him In A Nawabi Style

Saif Ali Khan is the Nawab of Bollywood and is currently busy shooting his upcoming movie Jawaani Jaaneman in London. Sources say that he might even reunite with his lady love Kareena Kapoor Khan in the movie which is set to release in November 2019. The star is currently in London shooting with his Jawaani Jaaneman co-star Aaliya F.

We all are very much aware that the United Kingdom is currently the most happening place in the world owing to the world cup that is taking place in its grounds. Last weekend, India faced Pakistan and won by a huge margin. While social media has been abuzz with the Pakistanis shaming the Pakistan cricket team for not being fit enough for the match is, Saif Ali Khan faced a Pakistani man who hurled insults at him.

As Saif Ali Khan walked outside the ground along with his co-star Aalia, the man started mocking the actor by calling him ‘11th water boy’ and ‘the actor who always kills Pakistanis in his movies’. He didn’t spare Aalia F either as he went on to take digs at her, calling her Saif’s ‘bitiya rani’. However, amidst all these derogatory remarks, Saif Ali Khan walked away unaffected and without paying any heed to the man. The man kept yelling ‘Saifu aye Saifu’ but Saif ignored it and even protected Aalia F like the true Nawab he is!

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