Saif Ali Khan Reveals The Calmer Side Of Taimur. Deets Inside

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s little munchkin Taimur Ali Khan has become the most favourite star-kid. From his first picture to his latest one, whatever he does, take no time to become a viral sensation. His daily activities cheer us up. 2-year –old Tim is popular among everyone. Multiple celebrities from the tinsel town have, time and again, expressed their desire and baby-crush over him.
In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Saif spoke about how they manage to spend time with little Tim despite their busy schedule, To which the doting daddy replied, “I’ve just wrapped up my show, and since she’s working with Akshay (Kumar) who’s so disciplined, they start shooting early and by afternoon she is back home. Tamiur has enough time with both of us.”

He further talked about the calmer side of Taimur, “I can only hope he’ll take it as it comes and develop a certain humility. Like Taimur, I too am lucky to be born a Pataudi, go to Winchester College, get work in the industry when there were others who were brighter and more talented. It was a privilege whose worth I didn’t understand then. Hopefully, my son will be more conscious and conscientious. There’s something special about him. During the day, he’s waddling around the house but in the evening when I dim the lights, light the candles, put on some music, he’s happy to sit quietly with Kareena and me, drinking his milk, soaking in the ambience. As a parent, I can only nurture him”,

In a throwback interview, Saif once revealed that Taimur is a gunda. He said, “They hang out here at home. She is very small and delicate, and he is a ruffian, but we have a lot of people around, so we don’t need to be worried. But Taimur is a gunda. I hope he doesn’t pull her hair (laughs).”

In the same interview, Saif went on to reveal that he wants Taimur to be disciplined when he grows up. He was quoted as saying, “You have to sit him down, the minute he can understand it. And it’ll start by calling the people at home and not yelling. It’ll be manners, it’ll be Please, Thank You, Aadaab. It’ll be discipline from a young age. At least we know these things. These Bombay kids are out of control. He’ll be very well behaved. And honestly, if he does his namaste right, he’ll score points. Have you seen Sara’s aadaab when she was younger? This is it. This is what we need, a nice aadaab from Tim. Tim by the way.”

We wish the family a blissful life ahead.


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