Salary of Anushka Sharma’s Bodyguard Will Make Your Jaw Drop

When it comes to celebrities, they are surrounded by fans every day. They cannot enjoy a moment of privacy in public. Not only the fans, but they are also at threat of haters. And every celebrity ensures they are kept safe. But at what cost?

We all know that keeping a bodyguard is not a cheap task. But remind me that when you read the salary Anushka’s bodyguard gets. Sonu, aka Prakash Singh, is Anushka’s one-man army. He has been with her even before she married cricketer, Virat Kohli.

According to, Sonu receives a hefty paycheque of rupees 1.2 crores per year! If this news is correct, it will not be far-fetched to say that he is richer than many CEOs and companies out there.

Sonu isn’t just a bodyguard for Anushka. She treats him as if he is a part of her own family. She never misses his birthdays. In fact, she celebrated his birthday on sets of her movie ‘Zero’.

Anushka Sharma with her bodyguard Sonu.

Not only Anushka, Sonu guards her husband and sports celebrity Virat Kohli too, despite the fact he has his own personal bodyguard.

When Anushka was pregnant with Vamika, Sonu was by her side all the time like a guardian angel. When she had to work and move, we could see him around wearing a PPE kit, protecting her from any harm.

We know. We were left shocked and questioning our life too.

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