For almost two years now, Ajay Devgan and his team have been working on the making of the movie; ‘Sons of Sardar: The Battle of Saragarhi’, for which he has been working hard on carrying out extensive research. He had been very ambitious and excited about this work until Salman Khan, in a way, betrayed him.

Salman Khan recently announced that he along with Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar, will produce a film on The Battle of Saragarhi which *omg* follows the same story as Ajay Devgan’s movie. Not being able to digest the news at first, when the whole thing finally sank down in Ajay’s head, he wrote an emotional letter to Salman Khan. Salman being an extremely social actor is friends with almost everyone in the industry and Ajay considers him like a family.

According to a source Ajay said that it was not fair to make a film on the same subject that his team has been working for the last two years.

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