Salman Khan Crosses All Limits Of Anger While Defending Ex Girlfriend Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are certainly one of the closet friends after being through a rough breakup. Salman Khan launched Katrina Kaif a few years ago and the career of this actress skyrocketed. The two dated for many years until Katrina fell in love with the much younger Ranbir Kapoor and broke up with Salman. While Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif broke up a few years later after rumors of their wedding date being finalized, Katrina and Salman seem to have grown closer to each other.

The two have come together for a number of movies like Tiger Zinda Hai and now Bharat and seem to share some really close moments with each other during the promotions. Although Salman is rumored to be dating Lulia Ventur, the fans of Salman and Katrina find joy in seeing the two together.


In the recent promotional event for the movie Bharat, Salman and Katrina have shared many moments that still show the do still care for each other. The way Salman cares for Katrina, whether it is helping her with her saree when she felt uncomfortable or defending her, his care for Katrina seems to be strong even now.

Recently in a chat show, Salman Khan was asked a question about Katrina Kaif and he unexpectedly lost his control. Khan was asked, for which movie Katrina was nominated as the Filmfare Best Actress. Bhaijaan took a jibe at the award functions for never honoring her with one. He said that she deserves an award even a national award.


For him, it is wrong to put Katrina in nominations that will play everywhere on television but not giving her the award because somebody else went and performed there. Nominating her and then not giving her award which she deserves is not fair.


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