Salman Khan Is My Real-Life Hero: Loveyatri Actress Warina Hussain

Warina Hussain is all set for making her Bollywood debut in Loveyatri opposite Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma. Warina Hussain, who hails from Afghanistan, came to India six years ago.  Loveyatri is a romantic drama in which Warina is playing Aayush’s love interest. The film has been produced by Salman Khan and for Warina , it “feels like a dream”.

In an interview with PTI, Warina said that she has found a “dream launch” in Loveyatri and the debutante would be forever grateful to Salman Khan for the opportunity. “To make a debut in a film produced by Salman Khan is surreal. The bigger the project, the more responsibility you have and I am aware of it. I am so grateful to him, this still feels like a dream,” PTI quoted the actress as saying.

Warina also said that Salman is her real life hero. “He was so nice. He is always very positive about everything. He has been so supportive of me throughout. He is a real-life hero for me. My life totally changed because of him. Despite me coming from a very different background, he gave me this huge break,” Warina added.

The actress revealed that before being part of Loveyatri she had to face a couple of rejections. “It is difficult to bag a project. There is so much competition, you end up questioning your craft. I have faced rejections for a couple of films. When I started out I was not comfortable in speaking Hindi. I was almost on board for a film but the project never took off,” Warina told PTI.

In an earlier interview, Salman revealed why he chose to produce Loveyatri: “Love is supreme and ultimate. You love your family, girlfriend, wife, brother, sister and friends, and sometimes we fight with them. But during festival times or at a time when the person needs you emotionally or in bad times like illness or accident, everyone comes back and stands together and forgets all the enmity. That’s how I thought of making a film with festive background.”


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