Salman Khan has undeniably been the best host of Bigg Boss ever. From getting personally involved with the housemates to taking stern actions when needed, Salman Khan played the role of host with sheer perfection. He never failed to discipline the off-the-track contestants and left to chance to appreciate the deserving contestants.


When Swami Om threw his urine on Bani and Rohan Mehra, Salman Khan too personally got affected and firmly agreed with makers of the show to throw him out of the house. It was decided by the makers that Swami Om will be banned and not allowed to attend the Grand Finale. But now, in the quest of higher TRP, the makers are planning to invite him to the Grand Finale eve and this has really upset Salman.

This decision has left Salman Khan very disappointed. Rumours are he might not attend the finale untill makers change their decision.


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