We have all seen Salman Khan getting angry and sulrey no one wishes to face it in life. A fan got to see it at a recent event. As per reports, at an award function ecently, Salman was enjoying the company of his friends and family and then a fan
approached Salman and started showing him his new, ‘unbreakable’ phone.

Salman didn’t take it seriously and went back chit-chatting with his friends. But the fan didn’t leave, he kept showing his phone and talked about his phone. Salman got angry after a point and took the phone from his hand and smashed it on the ground. He kept smashing it again and again but nothing happened to the phone.


Soon people gathered around and cheered Salman to break the phone. And finally, the phone broke ionto pieces. Salman picked all the pieces and showed it to this fan and said “Unbreakable phone?”

We are sure that this fan would have regretted doing this stupidity with Mr. Khan!

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