‘Tiger Bhi Zinda Hai, Saanp Bhi’: Salman Khan Says After Being Bitten By Snake Before Birthday

Salman Khan was at his Panvel Farmhouse when a non-venomous snake bit him not once but thrice. The actor was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. He was discharged a few hours later and even posed for pictures with his doctor and for the paparazzi.

Salman is at his Panvel Farmhouse for his birthday today as he turns 56. The actor kicked off celebrations on Sunday night. Speaking to the media outside his farmhouse, Salman said a snake entered the room and children got scared. He tried to drive the snake out using a stick and it gradually reached his hand. The staff thought the snake was poisonous and the commotion led the snake to bite him not just once but thrice.

salman khan inside hospital post snake bite

Salman Khan inside hospital post snake bite

The media-persons complimented the superstar by saying ‘lovely smile’ to which he jokingly replied, “Saanp kaatne ke baad aisa smile bahut difficult hota hai”. Fans went berserk after the news of Salman’s hospitalisation was out. Salim Khan, Salman’s father assured the fans on Sunday that Salman is ok and the doctor has prescribed a few medicines.

salman khan outside panvel farmhouse

Salman Khan outside Panvel farmhouse

Salman also jokingly said that “saanp se dosti bhi hogayi”. The actor told the media that his father asked if he is ok to which he replied “Yes. Tiger bhi zinda hai, saanp bhi.” Paparazzi sang birthday songs for Salman and wished him a prosperous year. Salman’s rumoured girlfriend Lulia Vantur was present at the birthday bash too.

Celebs Reach Farmhouse For Salman’s Birthday Bash

Famous media personalities such as Rajat Sharma, Sangeeta Bijlani, Bobby Deol, Ibrahim Ali Khan, Nikhil Dwivedi, Vatsal Sheth reached Salman’s Panvel Farmhouse to ring in his 56th birthday. It was an occassion of dual celebrations as it was Salman’s niece Ayat’s birthday too. The actor danced to a number of songs and cut a beautiful cake with little Ayat.

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