Salman Khan’s co-star is getting death threats from Bishnoi community because of the blackbuck case

While Salman Khan has got acquitted of all the charges of the blackbuck poaching case, one of his Hum Saath Saath Hain Co-Star has landed into trouble. His co-star Kunickaa Sadanand is receiving a lot of Obscene Messages and threats from the Bishnoi Community. She has filed a case against the community after this entire scene.

It all started when Kunickaa was advocating that Salman should be punished in a different way. She wanted that the Bishnoi community should use him as an example and not oppose the bail. She said, “Ideally, he should be made to do some work for the community, like breeding black bucks, adopting a jungle, etc. On one such panel discussion last week, I said that even Bishnois are hunters. I wanted to add that just like there are non-vegetarians in vegetarian communities, likewise… but I was interrupted by the anchor.”

As soon as this happened on a television debate, Kunickaa started getting phone calls. The number of calls increased with time and she finally filed a complaint. She said, “I filed a case under Section 507 against the Bishnoi community. I handed over all the details, including the numbers from which I received the calls, and screenshots of the lewd messages. They have leaked my address and phone numbers on social media and violated my privacy. I have got police protection, now it is up to them to take action.”

Even the Bishnoi community has filed a complaint against Kunickaa but the actress has not been officially informed about it. We hope that this entire scene gets sorted out soon!


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