Salman’s Eid Gift: Salman Khan released the first promo of the upcoming “Big Boss OTT”.

Salman Khan is back with another season of Big Boss. On Wednesday, Salman Khan treated his fans on Eid with the promo of the upcoming “Bigg Boss OTT”. The makers called it Salman’s Eid gift. The actor finds it great that this season the show will have a digital first with,” It’s great that this season of Bigg Boss will have a digital first with Bigg Boss OTT, 6 weeks ahead of television. The platform will see unparallel interactivity where the audience will not only get entertained but also participate, engage, give tasks and more – It’s truly for the people and by the people. My advice to all contestants is to be active, entertaining and conduct themselves well in the BB house.”

Promo of the “Bigg Boss OTT” released.

In the promotion, we see Salman telling fans that Bigg Boss OTT will certainly get prohibited on TV. It is because, according to him, “Iss baar ka Bigg Boss hai itna crazy, itna over the top, TV par toh ban ho jaayega (The Bigg Boss this time is so crazy, it will definitely get banned on TV).”

The show will be available to the crowd for 24X7, and they will get the ‘special power’ to choose the task for the competitors.

Salman telling fans that Bigg Boss OTT will certainly get prohibited on TV.

Taking to Instagram, Voot shared the video wherein Salman Khan could be seen going ROLF as he confirms Big Boss 15 OTT. And Voot wrote the caption, “Arey Bhai Bhai Bhai, ye kya ho Raha hai? Nahi samjhe? Machane loot, aa raha hai BB OTT on Voot. Hoga itna over the top, entertainment chalega non – stop. On a scale of 1 – 10, kitne excited ho aap?  BB OTT, Streaming starts August 8 on Voot.”

Since Salman Khan announces Big boss OTT, fans have been spilling over with enthusiasm. And fans are eagerly waiting to watch the show. In the promotion, the watchers can observe Salman overflowing with happiness as he declares the upcoming craziest and most thrilling season ever.

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