Sania Mirza is the world famous Indian tennis star and Shoaib Malik is a fantastic Pakistani cricketer. They both got married on April 12, 2010. And after 8 years of their marital bliss, they were blessed with a baby boy on October 30, 2018, whom they named Izhaan Mirza Malik. Izhaan Mirza Malik is now eight-month-old baby and is too adorable. Sania Mirza-Malik is not only an amazing professional tennis player but also a doting mother and wife. She has incredibly balanced her personal and professional life.

Yesterday on July 8, 2019, Sania was busy with her shoot but that doesn’t mean that she would sacrifice her motherly duties. Sania made sure to feed baby Izhaan. She herself took to her Instagram and shared a picture in one of her stories and wrote atop of it, “Meanwhile in between shows for @starsportsindia, while following the match, hence the expressions #mummahustles.” In the picture, we can see Sania and Izhaan sitting in her vanity van eyes are glued on the match while letting Izhaan drink milk from the bottle. Take a look:

Soon after Sania shared a picture on her Instagram with Izhaan  and captioned it as, “We’ve got matching smiles and teeth.” Take a look:

When Shoaib Malik tied the knot with Sania Mirza back in 2010,  tired of the constant media scrutiny Shoaib had told media to give them some space. According to an NDTV report, Shoaib had said, “I am pleased to know that people are happy with our marriage but I think now it is time to stop this hype and let us live like a normal couple. I would request the media to leave alone both the families.” He had further added, “Two people from different countries got married and it should only be treated as a marriage nothing more.”

It was on October 30, 2018, when Sania and Shoaib had embraced parenthood. In an interview with Pinkvilla Sania revealed how Shoaib helps her in babysitting. When she was asked, “You recently embraced motherhood and were a force to reckon with. Has anything changed after that? How has Shoaib been helping you with babysitting?” She had replied, “A lot has changed after becoming a mother, your life changes, I think the whole focus becomes about the baby and prioritising the baby. Me as a working woman, I obviously want to get back to tennis, so I am trying to prioritise my time. It is the most selfless kind of love I have ever known, and it is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. My life has completely changed for the better. Ya, Shoaib is also playing quite a lot and is travelling so he does help whenever he can.”

Further revealing about the easiest and toughest part of being a mother she had stated, “I think I am embracing it; it is not so much coping. I am embracing everything. It is new challenges and new things to do. New ideas and new plans, days and nights are now different. Most definitely the easiest part is embracing everything and be there for my baby, loving my baby. I want everything in the world more for him than anybody else. That has been the easiest thing. Nothing really has been so difficult but maybe the night sleep because being an athlete, sleeping throughout the night is something I was used to but now it doesn’t happen that often.”

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