Sanjay Kapoor Comments On Ananya Pandey’s Short Dress, Netizens Teach Him A Lesson

Fathers are always considered to be extremely caring and possessive about their little ones. But when their daughters reach a certain age, it is important that they give them the required space and freedom that they require to blossom. But there are many fathers who make sure that they embarrass their daughters publicly and this is what Sanjay Kapoor has done.

His daughter Shanaya Kapoor is best friends with Chunkey Pandey’s daughter Ananya Pandey. They two seem to be pretty close and share an amazing bond. They even hang out at each other’s place and have become sort of like a family. But that certainly doesn’t give Shanaya father Sanjay Kapoor the right to comment on Ananya Pandey’s dress.

Recently, Ananya Pandey attend the Elle Beauty Awards 2019. Ananya Panday dazzled at the red carpet of Elle Beauty Awards and wore a stunning short black dress by Prabal Gurung. She opted for a pair of black boots to go with the frilly ruffled dress and had minimal make-up on. The gorgeous actress also took to Instagram to post a boomerang and Sanjay Kapoor’s comment on the post has netizens criticizing him for it.

Ananya Panday took to Instagram to share a boomerang video in which she can be seen wearing the same black dress that she wore to Elle Beauty Awards. She captioned it as, “A dress so fun, just one boomerang isn’t enough  in @prabalgurung styled by @malini_banerji love by @supriya.dravid @elleindia make up by @makeupandhairbystacy hair by @kajal._komal.” A certain comment on that post received a lot of attention. It was a comment by Sanjay Kapoor, who is Ananya’s best friend Shanaya Kapoor’s father. Sanjay Kapoor wrote, “The dress is going to fall be careful @ananyapanday.” Now, netizens couldn’t really make out what his intention was, with the comment. While some found the comment offensive, a few defended him and were on his side.


One Instagram user wrote, “why would u say this to ur daughters friend-its probably harmless but think of the OTHER connotations,” another comment read, “High af? Dont type under the influence of alcohol. Her followers may rip you and u realise ur mistake when u get sober tommorow.” While one user even defended him and wrote, “Because they are close together like a family, they love and respect each other as father and daughter to each other, and he was just joking, a healthy joke, as every family friend does,” another one criticized Sanjay Kapoor,” disturbing and worrying if ur family friends joke about ur clothes falling off tbh…whats even more worrying is that ur okay with it…”


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