Sanjay Leela Bhansali Collaborates With Netflix For His New Web Series ‘Heeramandi’

It is all set forth for Sanjay Leela Bhansali to team up with Netflix for a new web series which will be arranged in Lahore, Pakistan of pre-independent India. The filmmaker who is well-known and studied for his grandiose, deluxe, and exuberant style has decided this time to shift his sights to a smaller screen with a new series titled ‘Heeramandi’.

The wonderful tagline of this series is ‘Where Courtesans were queens’ from which we conceive that the series will discover the tales of courtesans and the hidden cultural actualities of Heeramandi, Lahore throughout pre-independence India.

It is going to be a series about love, betrayal, succession, and politics in the ‘Kotha which promises Bhansali’s trademark larger-than-life sets, multi-faceted characters, and soulful compositions. This piece-de-resistance will be created by the master filmmaker with an eye for detail and intense intricacies only he is capable of.


While speaking about the variety of the web series, Bhansali mentioned, “It is a huge saga about the courtesans of Lahore, it is something I was living with for 14 years. It’s very vast and ambitious”. He also stated in a press conference about the detailing of his new saga, “Heeramandi is an Important milestone in my journey as a filmmaker. This is an epic, first-of-its-kind series based on the courtesans of Lahore. It is an ambitious, grand, and all-encompassing series; therefore, I am nervous yet excited about making it. I am looking forward to my partnership with Netflix and bringing Heeramandi to audiences all over the world.”

Speaking about the scale and how he is ready for his new project, the director said, “It’s a very difficult one, I like to take a little time and the scale is big. I live with a subject for a long time, then I build and build and I keep thinking of it… So it’s a lot of time I give to a particular idea, but it’s great fun. That’s how it finally emerges. So now I think I’m ready to make ‘Heeramandi’.”

Alongshore, while speaking about the partnership with Bhansali, The VP of Netflix content, Monika Shergill said in a statement, “Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created a stunning brand of cinema which is uniquely his own, with emotionally charged storytelling, magnificent sets, and unforgettable characters. We congratulate him on completing 25 phenomenal years and giving masterpieces for generations to cherish. We are beyond excited to bring his extraordinary creative vision to storytelling on Netflix. ‘Heeramandi’ will be a story that will intrigue audiences and transport them into a world of incredible grandeur, beauty, and harshness at the same time”.

Netflix has also applauded and celebrated Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 25 years within the Hindi movie trade with an extended message.

Therefore, we just wish and hope that ‘Heeramandi’ becomes a huge success and Sanjay continues to make masterpieces with his magic which may enthrall us for eternity and beyond.

Primary Excerpt Taken From – Hindustan Times (

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