Sanjeeda Sheikh Reveals ‘The Only Thing’ She Uses To Get Glowing Skin In Minutes, It Isn’t Expensive

True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the
caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows. Sanjeeda Sheikh is
one such actress who is always glowing; inside as well as outside. She is
simply beautiful. She does not have any extensive routines, but she still
manages to look flawless and remain fit with the simple things that she has
adapted in her lifestyle. So here are her beauty tips for you all.

In an interview, Sanjeeda gave away her biggest beauty
secrets. She said, “I make sure I sleep well at night before a red carpet event
because puffy eyes screw up the makeup. I avoid sun for a day so that the face
doesn’t look tanned in the evening. Before applying makeup, I rub an ice cube
on my face so that my skin is fresh and glowing and my makeup stands out.”

She further added, “For the day, I make sure the makeup is
very light. Kajal and a very light shade of eye shadow is okay for the day. I
am blessed with good skin so I don’t apply foundation, but if I have to, then I
go for a waterproof one as sweating makes my face look darker. For the night, I
do not mind going for strong lip colours like deep red or peach pink. Again, I
don’t apply base, but I love kajal and don’t step out without it.”

The actress believes kajal is essential and makeup is
incomplete without it. “My makeup dada told me that make up is incomplete
without kajal. It highlights and defines our eyes and suits every face.”

When asked about her secret for going on a sudden plan, she
replied “For instantly glowing skin, I just splash rose water on my face.”

When asked about her hair she said, “I love my hair very
much, which is why I don’t like to experiment with it. I have a very simple
regime. I wash my hair every alternate day and make it a point to oil my hair
twice a week. I trim my hair every six months so that I don’t get split ends. I
always tie my hair while sleeping to avoid breakage.”

We hope these tips and tricks help you enhance your skin.


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